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Know about 180-time freeze

With a 180-time freeze booth, you can say goodbye to the formal poses. This multi-lens camera booth, also recognized as bullet time, uses the composite style to create a 180-degree, three-dimensional animated GIF. It makes use of cutting-edge technology to give your event a multi-dimensional experience. Be amazed at how the operating system freezes the reader ata particular time when you jump for joy or look at the camera in the air.

Photo Booth with 180-Second Freeze and Customized Backdrop

With its reasonably precise time freeze photography rig built with nine cameras, with us, 180-time freeze booth does have spatial cognition. It can also make Graphics Interchange compilations with a 180-degree scenic movement against a custom background. To create high-quality end products, brand logos, as well as music, can be integrated.

Customized Backdrop for Photo Booth

We provide a specially made backdrop at an affordable price when users book our 180-second freeze photo booth. The photo booth frame would be a heavy foam core, matte-laminated printed stickers, and an aluminum skeleton. Alternatively, you can choose from our standard collection or have the photography session take place in the main events venue’s scenery.

A system that is both quick and dependable

After the picture booth’s highly customized backdrop has been installed, nine cameras are needed for calibration. The scheme is good for the overall session within a week of calibration, so no further adjustments are required. Printing and sending GIF video content to your visitors via email is included in the 180-time freeze package.

The setup is designed to create a lot of buzz on-site and help brand names share such exciting moments digitally. This new freeze frame technology is quickly becoming the next big thing in experiential marketing.