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The Influence of Technology on Supply Chain Management

Tracking system

Supply chain management and tracking are more important for the manufacturing business. If not properly managed then it may ruin the entire business. The biggest challenges in the supply chain are visibility. Manufacturing businesses should ensure visibility from top to bottom and that practice will be one of the best in moving towards excellence. Visibility in manufacturing is mainly representing tracking all the processes of manufacturing and product distribution. But enabling visibility is one of the difficult processes in the manufacturing business that too especially if the business is outsourced. Because, if the business is outsourced then the diversions of the supply chain will become high and difficult to monitor. Hence all kinds of malpractice may happen like counterfeiting the products and brand names also leakage of the products.

In case the product distribution is about a wide region then managing these issues is much more difficult. Hence the tech world comes with a solution to track and manage the supply chain against product leakage and counterfeiting. Dedicated companies are diving into the industry to offer this service using both hardware and software technology. One of the promising company is nabcore which are a specialist in the services called brand protection and tracking in Asia. Actually, to track the process the company is using supply chain tracking software. Through which the beneficiaries may have the solution in different ways. The supply chain can be tracked using the heat map with live locations of products and even the product journey map can track and monitor. They use the technology called the Internet of Things (IoT) along with different sensors to track the products.